Podcast to Elect Jason Keck for School Board – The importance of facility upgrades, new facilities being built and the allocation of funds necessary to achieve these initiatives.

Facilities are key to attracting teachers and students to the Park Hill School District

The facilities in the Park Hill district need to be brought up to par with a vision to become industry leaders again.  Thankfully, groups like “The Time is Now Park Hill School District” have drawn attention to the district’s current state of our facilities as well as what the neighboring districts have done in regard to their facility improvements.  Coupled with enhancement of facilities, the right board members and decision-making in allocation of money within the district and maintaining fiscal responsibility in a set budget is essential. 

Are we setting a budget that addresses the needs of the district effectively and are we following it?

Looking to private funding and corporate sponsorship is also something I believe is vital. The district needs to think “outside the box” as ways to generate revenue for improvement and development. The notion that the district turns away money being donated because it does not fall within their set confines is not what’s best for the district and is an archaic approach.

Let’s explore ways to save money using our built-in resources and expertise from our community members in forming volunteer committees to provide input to the board and at the same time explore fundraising opportunities so that our students have what they need. We need to return the district back to being innovators and leaders when it comes to all facets of education.