Podcast to Elect Jason Keck for School Board – The Importance of Supporting Teachers in the District Who Are One of Our Most Valuable Assets

I have spoken to numerous teachers in the district who feel unsupported and who are loosing their passion and enjoyment for the profession. The Park Hill School Board must put into place distinct, specific protocols and policies for ALL students to follow. Moreover, the administration must also follow through when it comes to handing out discipline and controlling student’s learning environments. Currently, school policies surrounding expectations of students are weak at best and are not being followed uniformly. This results in educators and students who were once excited about coming to school bearing the brunt of an often disruptive classroom. Lastly, we need to make sure our teachers are taken care of financially by the district in their pay and benefits. Why are administrators getting an 8% increase on what some would argue are their already inflated salaries and our educators getting only a 3% raise? This doesn’t seem to make sense when our teachers are our front line educators and already underpaid.