Podcast to Elect Jason Keck for School Board – “I believe I am the best and most qualified candidate.”- Jason Keck

Jason Keck – Why I am the Best and Most Qualified Candidate

I feel like I am the best candidate for the district in that I have the necessary qualifications through my education, background, experiences and expertise to be able to listen to all sides, to be able to research and craft positions that make sense and to be able to present those in a way that garner support from other school board members and do not alienate them. 

Running my own business gives me experience in being able to set a budget and adhere to fiscal responsibility. That same skillset works when it comes to the district and in managing a large pool of financial resources in a proficient manner. 

My successful coaching background has allowed me to connect with the students and the community – parents, teachers and other coaches.  Being in the community on an almost daily basis, puts me in conversations that involve education and the needs of our students.

The wrestling practice room is much like a classroom in that I have athletes from all different types of backgrounds, ethnicities, socio-economics, genders, etc. I build personal relationships with not only the athletes but also their families. My passion is making sure our students have the best opportunities to succeed so that they also become high functioning members of the community.