Podcast to Elect Jason Keck for Park Hill School Board – A Note from the Podcast Host

I would like to thank each and every one of you that provided the inspiration for Jason’s campaign. I have had the pleasure to listen and learn through all of you. Thank you.

We need more advocacy for the students and teachers – more board members in-tune with the community. As a parent in the district this is important to me as it is to many of you.

His diversity in advocacy is important – when finding the best solutions you need to have a real debate, including a number of viewpoints, data, and community input. That’s not easy for many.

Jason’s experience, demeanor, and judgement make him the best candidate. He’s not coming in hot or with some sort of political-based agenda. He’s approachable and workable. In a divisive and charged environment, we need more people that have an even temperament.

Thank you again – I am grateful for my experience in hosting your podcast – it was a lot of fun, you know?

Excited to see what’s next ….

and ….that’s all folks!

>>-Joe Stewart, podcast host-<<

Live shot from the Podcast