Thank you to Everyone that inspired me to run

Thank you for all the support for my school board campaign for the Park Hill District and the upcoming election on April 5th.

I ask that you continue to share posts on social media, listen to the open forums that have occurred (links have been posted on the committee’s Facebook page at and reach out to me with questions and concerns you have related to the district and my position on key issues.

My campaign is centered around my relationships in the community and the people who know and trust my values, character and commitment to the youth of our district and to education. I am a candidate that is an advocate for excellence in all aspects of our district and not afraid to fight for our families in ensuring our students have the best opportunities available to them and at the same time to hold students, teachers, administration and board members accountable.

I believe we should be constantly striving to be industry leaders within the district and at the forefront of facilities and resources, student opportunities, teacher pay, support and retention and that we need a strong curriculum for our students with special needs.

As a district we also need to find a balance between equity and inclusion for all students and at the same time not creating an environment where our students are allowed to feel like victims and/or to support theories of division, discrimination or reverse discrimination.

Please find below information on how you can help support my efforts with coming to pick up a yard sign, making a donation and most importantly to go to the polls on Tuesday, April 5th to vote.

If you are unable to pick up a sign this weekend, please let me know and shoot me your address privately and I will make sure a sign gets to you.